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We are formed by creative professionals always in search of bold and out-of-the-box communication solutions. Our goal is to become a reference in digital marketing.

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This strategy aims to monetize your company's projects. With a well-structured affiliate project, you can advertise your products or services through our program or even become an affiliate, making room for ads on your site. The return can be financial or even on leads, depending on the purpose outlined.

Social Media

Nowadays it is not enough to have a website. To develop an engaging online presence, you need to be on social networks. Depending on your type of business or product, we choose the relevant social networks, build strategies, produce content and think about distribution channels.


Currently the search engines are able to do a semantic analysis of the texts. For this reason, optimizing the content of your website, blog and pages is key to improving rankings and thus increasing the volume of organic traffic. For this, we count on a team highly qualified and dedicated to deliver the best.

Content Marketing

We use in our projects the content marketing strategy to engage the public and broaden the customer network. Relevant content, focused on consumer desire (not just on sales), posted on the spot and at the right time, makes all the difference. Creating a positive perception of your brand, which can be the differential at the moment of decision making.

eSports 360ยบ

We have developed a website format to support and publicize the work of coaches and players from different sports. Our team has developers and content producers specialized in offering the best according to the professional profile. We have technology that allows us to have statistics, tables of different championships and results of games in real time customized for each athlete.

Website Design

The site is the official voice of your brand. A showcase to highlight the solutions you offer to the problem that your consumer wants to solve. With that in mind, we create customized, responsive, cutting-edge websites that are always aligned with market trends, whether to generate leads or convert to sales.


The brand is the visual representation of a project, product, service, business or even a person. Branding is the ongoing process of brand management, in which actions are strategically designed to build, keep alive in the mind of the consumer or add value to the brand. IDigitalMedia thinks in every way and creates real connections between your brand and your audience.

Cross Cms

iDigitalMedia has developed a proprietary, highly customizable technology to manage projects. Our CMS is able to create, edit, manage and publish content in a fast and organized way in several distribution channels. Its intuitive usability is the result of a detailed planning of our developers, together with the needs of our clients.

Our Mission
Be the best in the digital merketing arena by identifying, attracting and converting thousands of leads to our customers.
What We Do
We are a digital company prepared to give to you the best solutions and the best services to improve your company/activity.
Our Company's Values
Be a leader in attracting high value leads to our projects and clients. Develop appropriate tools to drive organic growth.

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